Brussel Sprout Pizza & (Cauli)Tots

Happy Hump Day!

I am SO excited to share these two recipes with you!!

Lately some of my favorite meals are traditionally unhealthy dishes that I’ve found a healthier version for.  Chris does not like to be surprised (scarred by a young Chocolate Zucchini Bread incident), so I’m not allowed to call Cauliflower Tots, Tater Tots, because “that’s not what they are”. 🙂 As long as I’m honest upfront, he’s game for (almost) anything.

So, speaking of Cauli Tots, you’ll find the link to the recipe here.  I am addicted.  I have no idea how she made them look perfect, though.

Just a few tips & tricks- I steamed a head of cauliflower for about 15 minutes in this steamer my mom gave me that has to be at least 10 years old.  It gets the job done 🙂


This amount makes about 2.5 batches.  I only pulsed the blender about 6 times and the cauliflower blended nicely into a rice consistency. The only cheese we had was Mexican blend, and I’m not sure it really mattered that much- there was cheddar in there, somewhere 🙂 I also didn’t use parsley because a couple years ago we grew too much, and I tend to leave it out of recipes now because I’m still not over it…

But anyways, these are WAY better than tater tots, no doubt. They do take a little while to prepare and are a little messy, but completely worth it.


To go with the cauli tots, I found this Brussel Sprout Pizza on a blog I follow. The blog is called A Beautiful Mess– it’s a really awesome blog of crafts, home improvements, fashion, food, etc. It’s awesome & you should follow it too! Anyway… we’ve made this multiple times in the last couple months.  Maybe once a week…I’m not even ashamed, because I LOVE brussel sprouts. And pizza. And BBQ sauce.  Sooooo, it’s basically perfect.

We follow the instructions completely on this recipe.  It’s the best pizza dough I’ve ever made, and I always freeze half for the following week.  We don’t use a whole lot of cheese as you can see below, because I’m all about the veggies.  I don’t usually just like a couple toppings on my pizza- I love variety.  Give me veggie lovers over pepperoni any day. But this, with only a couple ingredients, is amazing as is.



Anyone else out there have a serious addiction to brussel sprouts? I don’t know why they were labeled the “gross” vegetable for children. I wish I had discovered them before I was 27!

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