Fitness February

Happy March!

February always go by so quickly, but I am so excited for spring & daylight savings time 🙂

Saturday we found out (the hard way) that grapes can be very toxic for pups.  Beta got a hold of just one I dropped on the floor Friday and I thought nothing of it until she was sick the next morning.  We looked it up and (naturally) panicked and rushed to the ER vet.  Thankfully her kidney levels were good, so we have her on a bland diet and keeping an eye on her.  So far, so good (fingers crossed).  How frightening.


At the vets- so exhausted.

This month we’ve had all sorts of medical issues, so I’m hoping that this is it. New healthy month for everyone is what I’m going for!

With that being said, I took a look at my workout calendar and this has been the best month for me in a while!  I had two rest days the entire month!  One being Saturday because all I felt like was a beer after that whole ordeal.  I finished a round of 21 Day Fix Extreme this month and feel so great!  I’m going to start over this week & try doing the diet (modified most likely) and see if I feel even better!  Maybe then feel more comfortable taking my after pics.

Yesterday I did some snack prepping for the week!  Cucumbers, carrots, celery & hummus…almonds, craisins, & a few dark chocolate covered pomegranates…and some little veggie egg white bites for on the go breakfast!  I LOVE prepping!


I’ve had a little bit of a sore right knee (probably from all the workouts this month) so I think for the next couple days I’m going to focus on my upper body and some yoga to center myself before kicking my ass again!  I hope everyone has a healthy March!  Spring is right around the corner, which means warmer weather and my niece is almost here!!!  So much to look forward to!

I've found keeping a journal really helps keep me on track :)

I’ve found keeping a journal really helps keep me on track 🙂


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