Weighing In

Two years ago my New Year’s Resolution was to stop weighing myself.  It was probably the one resolution I’ve EVER kept, and you know why?  Because I hate weighing myself. I hate letting a number like that affect the way I feel.

Before I decided this, every Monday I would wake up and hop on the Wii Fit Board, hoping to see positive results. More times that not, I didn’t.  I was so bummed–I was working out, eating (mostly) well, and feeling good…how come my results were not reflecting that?  It took a while, but that’s ultimately why I decided to stop beating myself up.

To me, what matters most is how I feel.  If I can hike that mountain, if I can run that extra mile, do that workout without stopping, if I can put on clothes and feel comfortable in them, then why should I need to jump on that scale?

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I recently got sick with pneumonia.  For over the last two weeks I’ve been coughing almost constantly (until recently- yay for antibiotics).  Due to this and pulling a muscle in my ribcage which now hurts every time I inhale, it’s been pretty much impossible to do any workouts. This rib issue will take weeks to heal, which is a whole different upsetting situation.  Basically, I’m a grumpy monster.

I’ve been to the doctor twice in the past couple weeks, and each time they had to get a height and weight and I didn’t want to look…but I did.

116 (with clothes on).

Seriously not bad considering before moving to Boulder & starting Beachbody I couldn’t get below 123.  Actually, this is the best shape I’ve ever been in, and I haven’t seen 116 since my sophomore year of high school. I have NO reason to be upset or even really worried about this number.  I’ve been working so hard to stay fit and healthy…..well, sometimes the “healthy” part is out of my hands.  It’s just frustrating knowing that I’m still eating the same amount of food, but not doing (hardly) any physical exercise. I don’t want to lose muscle or gain that weight back.  I’ve lost a little focus on how I feel- and maybe that’s because I’ve been feeling awful- and focusing on the number.  Gross, huh?

And this, my friends, is why I do not weigh myself.


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