California, Here We Come

Almost 5 years ago we hopped on a plane and made our way to Colorado, a place I’d always dreamed of visiting, and instantly fell in love. We came back to visit a second time months later, only to validate my love for the state. I worked almost every single day, 3 jobs, for months to save up enough money to make the move four years ago.

This has been the second best decision we’ve ever made.  We got engaged here, right in Boulder overlooking the city.  We’ve hiked endless mountains. Seen SO much wildlife. Done so many gorgeous trips. Met the most amazing people. I could go on forever.  Really, I could.

In about 5 weeks we take off for a brand new adventure- California! My awesome, and super talented husband just landed a job offer we could not refuse! I’m not going to lie though, I’m a little-ok, maybe a lottle- heartbroken to leave this place that completely changed my life for better;more than I ever thought possible.  Boulder will always, always, always hold a very special (and large) piece of my heart.

I am beyond grateful for all the memories, and most importantly the opportunity to do something not many get to do.  I worked really hard to get here, and Chris has worked really hard to get where he is.  He deserves this next adventure more than anything 🙂

So thank you, thank you, thank you Boulder.  California- I hope you bring just as amazing things!

Now excuse me while I go out there and finish crossing things off my Colorado bucket list!


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