Year one!

Ah, we survived year one 🙂  We still talk about it often and we both agree it was by far the best weekend of our lives. Hands down.

Obviously getting married was amazing, but we could have done that anywhere.  It was the people, our closest friends and family, all there to support us.  It was people we hadn’t seen in years (who have supported us from the beginning) traveling to be there; it was seeing our friends from all different aspects of our lives interacting together and hitting it off; it was watching my grandmother dance with my mother-in-law; it was Jenna singing John Legend, then breaking into some karaoke at the end of the night; it was the look on Josh’s face when he walked into the hotel room.  I could go on and on, but I’ll just say this: Seriously amazing.


It’s funny, the biggest question we got this year was “How’s married life?”  To which we always reply “The same as non married life.”   Our relationship has grown stronger for sure as it always has each year, and there’s certainly less stress this year without all that wedding planning.  But overall, things don’t really feel any differently than before. The biggest challenge, for me, has been getting used to my new name.  When the nurse comes out and says “Ms. Rolfs?” it takes me a minute to realize, “Oh! That’s me!”  Sometimes even Chris forgets I changed my name 😛

Since I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about what has happened over the last year, I thought I would entertain you with some highlights 🙂

1. Maine.  I seriously swoon over talking about how much I love it- hands go right up under my chin and everything.  After our wedding we drove up and stayed a few nights at the Abalonia in Ogunquit.  It was perfect- beautiful inn and the owners were SO welcoming and hospitable- and hilarious 🙂  I rolled down the windows when we got into town and just took in that Maine smell.  You all know what I’m talking about- that salt water, lobster, fresh, clean, wonderful smell. AH. Here I go again.


2. Honeymoon.  In January we took our honeymoon, a first real relaxing vacation in about 5 years!  We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana called Breathless.  The resort is fairly new, and everything was clean and beautiful!  We drank a lot, ate a lot, slept a lot, and read a lot of books!  It was pretty awesome.


3.Beta. Let’s be honest, you all knew this was coming.  After years and years and years of begging Chris for a puppy, he finally admitted he wanted one too. He still blames me when she’s being a pain in the ass, but he loves her 🙂


4. South Dakota Trip  Every year for my birthday I tell Chris I don’t want things, I want experiences.  We’ve done some pretty cool things for my birthday, and this year we trekked up to South Dakota (in the snow) to see the Badlands, Mt Rushmore, and Custer State Park with two of our friends!  It was so beautiful and serene.  It was cold and dreary the first day, but it meant we had Custer State Park basically to ourselves.  We saw Buffalo, Pronghorn, and lots of beautiful scenery!


5. Auntie Bridge & Uncle Chris  The same day we left for South Dakota our niece, Hadley, was born! Holy feelings! This has by far been the best thing that’s happened this year.  I’m so in love.  Also, it has been the coolest experience to watch my brother change into Dad-mode the second she was born.  I can barely talk about it without getting weepy.  And then a few other of my close friends had super adorable little babes and I fell in love them too!  One of my best friends has a beautiful little red headed, blue eyed baby girl and I may end up stealing her- watch out Carr’s 😉   By the end of this year another one of my best friends and my cousin will both have babies, and I am over the moon!  G2g crochet all the things now 🙂


6. California  When Chris went out for his interview, we had the opportunity to stay with our friends in Oakland and do a bunch of sightseeing!  We went to the Farmer’s Market, hiked around Lands End, saw the Golden Gate Bridge (well, half of it), saw dolphins playing in the bay, and had the worlds best Ramen ever. I mean ever. I daydream about it.


7. Facebook  Back in April Chris got an email about applying for a job at Facebook and what a whirlwind of a few months.  We are excited, and a little nervous about the next step in our lives. We leave in about 2.5 weeks! Yikes!

This anniversary weekend we celebrated with a long beautiful hike, sushi, doughnuts, video games, and a sunset 🙂  It’s all about compromise!

So excited to see what year 2 brings 🙂


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