Maple-Sriracha Roasted Cauliflower

Happy Monday!

We had such a great weekend seeing friends, watching Harry Potter movies, and going for walks! Yesterday we did about 3.5 miles and it knocked Beta o.u.t. 🙂  There are SO many beautiful trails for dogs out here, and a few so close to our apartment! We’ll be hitting up here lots in the future!


A few of you had asked about this cauliflower recipe I had made a while ago and I decided to share!  I found the link via pinterest (of course) and was intrigued because we have been doing a lot with sriracha lately.  It was easy and so hard to stop- I think I had more than half the plate (I do that to poor Chris too often).  It wasn’t overly spicy which is better for me, and I think the maple syrup gave it just the right sweetness.  I also love the consistency of baked cauliflower.


The only problem I had was while roasting the vegetables it caused so much smoke. We had to take our fire alarm off the ceiling while we baked this because it went off every time we opened the oven.  It makes us so nervous when we roast things with maple syrup, which we do quite often because of our New England roots.  Does anyone have any experience with this or tips?  I’d LOVE to know!

Hope everyone has a marvelous day, and to my east coast friends- stay warm and enjoy the snow 🙂



I haven’t been keeping up like I originally wanted because WE ADOPTED A PUPPY! AHHH!

These last couple days have been awesome but challenging for sure.  We have been trying to form stability and a schedule, which is tough for us because we’ve always been able to do what we please.  The eating well and exercising hasn’t been going as well as I would like, but I’m a-ok with the sacrifice 🙂

We originally were just going to look at the Humane Society, but when this was her first reaction to us how could we not scoop her up and bring her home?!


Beta is a straight up mutt; we think terrier, dachshund, maybe whippet.  She’s a little over a year old & only weighs about 15 pounds.  We always wanted a smaller pup since we live in an apartment, and one of my favorite things about her is that she will always look like a puppy.  It’s so hard to say no to that face.

IMG_0726 (1)

So I’m sorry (not really) for the onslaught of ridiculously adorable puppy pics to follow.  We are in love and based on how loving she is to us and how excited she gets when Chris gets home from work I’d say she is also enjoying this new life 🙂