Earlier this week I started a blog post about meal prepping, and how it has been a life saver since starting back at work, but ultimately found myself not being able to finish it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing short of amazing because it saves me so.much.time.  But I think overall, my issue lately has been balance.  I can’t find it. I can’t keep it when I do find it.  I’m sure it will get easier, but it’s been exhausting!

Now I don’t want to sound whiny, because I love that I found a job and am working again.  It may not be my ideal job, or even a money maker, but the company overall is SO great.  It’s just been tough to jump back into it all while trying to maintain everything I was doing when I wasn’t working.

I’ve been waking up everyday at 5:45 to do my 21 day fix extreme videos (killer), showering, waking up Beta and taking her for a walk, feeding her, working, running, crocheting, trying to cook dinner, clean up, training Beta, crochet some more and passing out.  I’m literally sitting in a pile of yarn right now because I am too lazy to clean it up.  Sidenote: I’m SO grateful for all the support I’ve gotten opening my etsy shop- I have a bunch of orders to fulfill over the next couple months which has been keeping me busy and motivated!

But I hate feeling disorganized.  Clutter makes me cringe.  Dirty kitchens make me crazy.  But lately these things are a part of my everyday life.  I’ve decided to put together a list to try and help me with this issue, before I go off my rocker.

  1. Disconnect- pros and cons to this. I like being social, keeping up with people, but it is so distracting.
  2. Listen to my body- I don’t actually need to double up on my workouts in the morning and afternoon.
  3. If it can be done in two minutes, just do it- like this yarn I’m sitting in.
  4. Go to bed earlier.
  5. Eat better- I do a great job of eating at work (although it’s constant- it’s healthy) but the second I get home it’s over. I’m such a snacker, and Chris was complaining there are no cookies in the house, sigh.

I feel like I’m on the right track, but I’ve got to just start practicing what I preach!  Hopefully some mountain therapy will help 🙂

Does anyone have any suggestions or want to share ways they keep life in balance?!


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